Benefits of drinking crystal infused water

It’s no secret that drinking infused water has been very popular recently.  Typically you would see infusing water with fresh fruits such as berries, lemons, or my favorite cucumbers. Off course there are obvious benefits from drinking infused water with fruits and vegetables. The nutrients get absorbed into the water, giving you a the added vitamins and minerals into your hydration routine.  Now the hottest craze is to drink crystal infused water.

Nowadays, you can find these High vibrational water infused with crystals in holistic stores and cafes, according to Well + Good, and is being pushed by holistic nutritionists and yogis as “the best possible way to replenish nutrients after meditation and yoga.” 

Why are people are adding crystal gemstones to water bottles?  It’s because they are intentionally about being positive, about keeping wellness, and self-love

Benefits of drinking crystal infused water

  • Also known as Gem Water, gem elixirs, crystal tonics, crystal waters and more. These crystals enhance the flow of positive energy while also eliminating any negative energy present. Gem water has many other benefits associated with it including alleviating pain, improved skin conditions, preventing allergies, improved confidence, and higher levels of concentration and awareness.
  • In essence, they are said to be able to harness the healing benefits of crystals. Therefore if you infuse your water with Rose Quartz, you will get all the amazing benefits and energy transferred from the stone into your water. Because water is excellent at capturing the vibrations and energy of minerals, it means that drinking crystal-infused water will transfer those vibrations to your chakras and energy field.  This will ensure you are well balanced

As you can you see these are some of the benefits of drinking crystal infused water.  What you are seeking to change in your life and can be matched with the appropriate crystal.  Love, Focus, Commitment, change, well-being, and many more can be used in your daily routine.

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